Month: July 2016

old man g weddy

It’s been a while. I’m studying for my Intro to Database Management (CS348) final which is in 11 days? Trying to get most of my studying done in 3 days to leave a week to sit out in the sun, etc.

I’ve really enjoyed this course. The course management is TERRIBLE, but the material is very interesting to me. I really like understanding how basic technologies were implemented and how far we’ve gone with them. I’m actually having fun studying. Well, it’s not making me want to procrastinate much (although my essay is). I would honestly prefer studying all day over writing my essay. It’s an essay on superheroes, but still an essay.

My prof for this course was mildly entertaining. I really paid attention to the language he used because the sentences he forms while he’s speaking are really hard to understand if you don’t remember what the first thing he said was so it was just lots of run on sentences, if you will.

To whet your appetite, here are some things he said. Hope you will form an appreciation for his existence.

  • “…, if you will.”
  • “If you will, …”
  • “appreciate”/”appreciation” – (pronounced appresiate, but only half the time). Told us to appreciate everything and that everything was an appreciation.
  • “whetting your appetite”
  • “middle out” – no idea if this was a Silicon Valley reference or not
  • “at first blush”
  • “syntactic sugars”
  • “When’s the end of class?”
  • “marry two languages”
  • “logo” – pronounced LAW-go
  • “quick class quiz”
  • *the amount of people in class dropped significantly* “Play golf or learn about ER Model? Latter.”
  • “forging ahead here”
  • “Mary and Martha.”
  • *large bubble exclamation mark on the chalkboard*
  • *said that from what he’s seen, the midterm grades are good* “I’m gonna scale everyone’s grade down. I’m kidding.” (midterm average was actually 67.7%)
  • “milk-climbing algorithm” – no idea what I heard
  • “cook until done” – referenced some Canadian cooking show lady
  • “On the grounds of what I call dependency preservation”
  • “my eyes are going here”
  • “functionally determines” but sounded like “fuck you determines”
  • “mind blurp”
  • “forge ahead”
  • “draconian way”
  • something about data being more important than water
  • “that watch is dead” *clock*
  • “for your entertainment only”
  • “topological sort” pronounced TOPE-ological
  • “fine and dandy”
  • “let everything rip”
  • *someone’s cellphone keeps ringing throughout entire lecture* “my battery thing needs charging”
  • “buzzphrase”
  • “When does this class end? Oh, in 4 minutes. Shoot.”
  • “Sadly, or happily.”
  • “flavours”
  • *gave us an exercise to do* “You have lots of spare time. Sorry.”
  • “back of the envelope”
  • “I should learn about LEARN.”
  • “I do expect everybody to get 100%, but sometimes that doesn’t work out.”
  • “Barney or whatever.”
  • “religiously attended class lecturing”
  • *before an assignment was due* “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Gonna miss his draconian ways.