I just watched the first season of Daredevil (NOT via Netflix).

Every time I watch a blind person on television, I am filled with envy. They are forced to see the world differently. They do not experience the world like we do. They sense differently. Same goes for anyone with any kind of disability. People see them differently, and they see people differently. They did not choose this, yet they were gifted with such a unique experience.

I wish I were them. Ask any other person and they would probably say the opposite. People can’t even begin to imagine life without one less sense. But we all live with a finite amount of senses. We are all disabled in that we don’t have a sixth sense. If we lived in a world where everyone had psychic abilities and one of the senses was knocked out, then it would be the same situation as having only four senses.

Our experiences are divided into the senses. Lose one, and there’s more for each of them. I, for one, would prefer not to be able to smell. Yes, there are some good smelling things out there, but the majority of smells are not very good-smelling. A whiff of any sort of perfume and my brain is clogged with a puff of poison. Also, the smell of mint smells like literal shit to me sometimes. The olfactory system is not much use for me. It’s only use is for smelling out stenches, but I wouldn’t have had that need if I couldn’t smell them in the first place.

Hearing would be the next sense I’d knock off. I am highly sensitive to sounds and loud, annoying people. Would actually be really nice if I couldn’t hear. It would give me a reason to ignore people as well.

Touch… I don’t know if anyone just goes numb in places in their body. They do go paralyzed, but we’d have to go into it limb by limb. Let’s just not talk about that. It’s a touchy subject (I just had to say that). Well, I just don’t like to think about all the different possibilities for paralyzation. There’s just too many, and it’s hard to imagine it unless it’s really happened to you. Wheelchairs are cool, though.

Taste. Hah. I would not give that up. Food is my life. It’s the reason I get up in the morning. But I’m sure I could live without it. I would focus on getting the best texture out of my meals. Currently, my food preferences are a good mix of taste and texture. Can’t have one without the other, or so I may think?

Sight. This is the big ticket. I rely on my eyes the most. Some days I’ll get so focused on something that I won’t even let my eyes take a break. I’ll be like, alright, let’s rest these two up for a few minutes. Then a few seconds later, they’re open and working again. Everything I have/am/will worked/working/work towards involves sight. Everything I buy, every piece of junk I collect is in my possession because I set my eyes on it, and I would like to keep having my eyes set on it. The career path I’m taking has to do with sitting at a computer all day. Sure, there are braille keyboards and stuff (like Auggie’s in Covert Affairs) to quickly read and type, but will I experience code and what it builds the same way? Will I enjoy it as much? If I were blind, I’d probably find something else to build. Maybe sculpting. Something I could feel with my hands.

This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to be blind. I would have to definitely change my life in significant ways. I would either have to give up the dream of becoming a programmer in a cubicle who collects Funko Pop!s and wears pop culture t-shirts or adapt to that dream. Not to mention, I would have to completely change the way I experienced television. No more awesome fighting scenes, no more crappy CGI, and no more wicked CGI. I would change as a person, but maybe for the better.

So I’ve been thinking about practicing being blind, you know, if the day ever comes. Well, I’m not expecting it to come so much, but if I can get used to not having sight, then I would not have to rely on it so much. Obviously when I’m at the computer, I’ll need eyes open since I don’t have the technology to do so otherwise. I am going to start closing my eyes while moving around the house. I just took a shower with eyes closed 95% of the time. When walking, I can’t help but to open my eyes a tiny bit sometimes to save my toes. I might sport a blindfold if I can find the right piece of clothing to do that. Also, I am a Glaucoma suspect, so it is possible for me to lose my sight some time in the future. Probably not since my optometrist orders ten tests because of one irregularity. You’d think after the one where she checked my eye pressure every 2 hours for an entire day and deemed it was fine, she’d cancel the rest of the appointments. Nope. I swear she’s just doing it on purpose for the money.

Well, it’s time to close my eyes.

soupy twist!

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