Is quitting TV a bad thing for me?

I’m watching a lot less TV than I used to. I stopped trying to watch as much TV as I could when The 6th Floor became my home. Whenever I watched something there, it would take forever. Probably because I was with friends. TV was my I’m-not-doing-anything time, but also my this-is-very-important-that-I-watch-this time. So that meant that a) this was a prime opportunity to not not bother me and b) I have to finish this episode!! Sometimes it took me 2-3 hours to watch a 43 minute episode. Sometimes I got so sidetracked that I forgot I was watching something and I realized later that the episode was left unfinished. Then, of course, I had to go and finish it up.

Sometimes I would go days without watching any TV. I survived because I was on the 6th floor with friends. I built a family there. But ever since then, I haven’t really been happy. I’ve been okay happy, but not truly happy. There is this empty feeling inside of me.

I remember back in high school, I would watch SO much TV. Even with projects and homework, I somehow managed to do those even with copious amounts of TV. I think it’s because I spend so much time watching, I try to make up for it by working harder than I usually would. I leave less time to work, so I work more efficiently and give it everything I’ve got. My greatest example of this is in Grade 12, first semester. It was the week before exams. I had an Advanced Functions exam- my most important exam. This was my main course that would get me into the University of Waterloo. I was sick. I had a cold, and I was basically dying. PLUS, this was when I was watching House, one of the greatest shows ever. I think I was on season 5 at the time. Well, I watched like 2-3 seasons during that week. It got SO good that I just could not stop. Exam, sick, House. I basically lived like a sick, old hermit for the week. Then, the morning of my exam, I found out that I got admitted to the University of Waterloo! All they had were my Grade 11 grades and two Grade 12 grades (English and Computer Science), which I took in Grade 11. I was so scared I wouldn’t get admitted, but I got in! I was like, “screw this exam! (But I’ll still try my best. I mean, I’ve already studied a lot.)” I got 100 on it!! I’ve never gotten 100 on an exam. It was awesome.

The lesson was: do as much as you can of what you love, and everything else can still be done. I think the reasoning behind this is: 1) Oh shit, oh shit. I gotta finish all of this stuff!! 2) Too tired to not be able to sleep like a baby (so no time is wasted in bed trying to sleep). 3) I feel very satisfied with what I’ve watched. 4) Livin’ life to the max!

I guess watching less TV has been doing me more bad than good. I mean, my average has only been increasing by ~0.2% per term while my TV consumption has been decreasing by 50% per term. TV is definitely not the problem. TV gives me reason to live. I think my best times are when I’m grieving for a character. I still think about George 😥 … Just thinking about how good a show is puts me to sleep with a smile on my face. I miss those times. I used to go to sleep smiling every night. I haven’t in years.

With that said, I’m going to lift my no-more-new-shows rule. Screw that! Gotta be trying new stuff all the time. Up next on my watchlist is: Queer As Folk (because Michael Scott watches it), Spooks/MI-5, and The Night Manager (Hugh Laurie!!). Maybe Peep Show, Misfits, My Mad Fat Diary, and Episodes. (I gotta start watching more British television.)


I need to remember that watching TV is the same as sleep for me! It energizes me. It wakes me up. It’s equivalent to food. It’s basically one of my basic needs. Food/water, shelter, sleep, and TV. I don’t even spend the entire day on my app. There’s downtime and what do I do during that time? I don’t even know. I measure time by the seasons I watch, but if I’m not watching anything, how do I count time? Does time even exist if I’m not watching anything? Enough nonsense from me. I need to watch a lot of stuff. My mother woke me up to shovel snow at 7AM, which is like 6 hours before I usually start working. So I’ve got plenty of time to sleep watch TV.

soupy twist!

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